Medici Signet


An evolution of our Roman Signet ring. We are now in 15th century Italy. Faceted gems have replaced cabochons, and the Medici family, devout Catholics and symbols of luxury, are the perfect namesake to represent our newest signet style.

The simplified design, tall head and large faceted gem are reminiscent of papal rings one might discover on a visit to the Vatican museum. The Muzo emerald pairing is a reminder of the significant role emeralds played in the catholic history of Spain and Spanish efforts to discover emeralds in the new world.

The Medici Signet is a hand raised hollow form. Each ring is hammered by hand to shape a perfectly fit opening for the faceted gemstone, like this minty Muzo Emerald. The exterior is left smooth with a velvety surface, highlighting the warmth of high karat gold. A simple engraved line frames the stone. A smooth inner band closes the ring’s interior. Visit The Old Way to learn more about hollow forms. 22k yellow gold.

  • Stamped with owl maker’s mark and 22k
  • .6 x .8 x 1 inches
  • Size 6.5
  • Emerald (resin treated) 3.71ct, 10mm

This design is intended to be custom ordered. If you are interested in designing your own Medici Signet, please email