The Studio

Experience the studio of Loren Nicole by private appointment and be transported to another world of craftsmanship and technique.

Meet Bobo


Not only our logo, but also a figure from Greek mythology, Bobo, Athena’s owl, played an important role in Loren’s childhood. Her father’s family is from Athens, meaning Greek culture and stories were ever present, and Bobo, the most important. Loren’s family to this days has many sculptures of Bobo around their homes for protection. When deciding on an emblem, what better symbol than the most obvious; one that has personal meaning, historical reference originating in the same history as the collection and the owl, a symbol for scholarship and wisdom, which is embedded in everything we do at Loren Nicole.

The Inner Sanctum


Loren's space, filled with curiosities, insect specimens and bits from her life's scrapbook is the inner sanctum where here design work takes flight. Visit by private appointment or virtually.  Schedule your virtual appointment. 


Loren's Thoughts

"I love working with clients to customize one of my existing designs or collaborate to develop something completely new. This process can involve the client's stones or sourcing new gems. I always begin with phone to call to discuss the process, understanding likes, dislikes, lifestyle and any other considerations. We will make any revisions necessary until we create the perfect piece you will never want to take off. The time to make the piece will depend on the complexity, but ti will be worth the wait.


Custom Cut Hardstone

"If you are familiar with my work, then you've likely noticed all the unusual cut stone, most frequently in rock crystal. I work closely with my lapidary, gem cutter, in Germany to develop unusual and masterfully carved gemstones and hardstones (agate, rock crystal, etc.). The process begins with one of my sketches. We discuss suitable stone options based on the project and rough material available, considering size, inclusions, and other factors. When the carvings arrive from Germany, it is like Christmas morning. I am fortunate to have found a lapidary who share a similar aesthetic. The finished carving are always more wonderful than the vision I dreamed up."

The Studio

Our Techniques + Ethics

At the heart of Loren Nicole sits a legacy of thousands of years of jewelry making guiding our craftsmanship, extensive knowledge of ancient cultures and strong ethics behind the materials and practices with employ.

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