Dangerous Creatures: Horus Will Be King


Inspired by ancient Egypt, the Dangerous Creatures cuff series look to stories in their mythology and art, showcasing animals they feared but deeply respected. The form of these cuffs nods to a famous pair of bracelets found on King Tut. 

Using the ancient art of chasing and repousse, a flat sheet of metal is transformed into a dimensional form to reveal a story. The Horus Will Be King cuff depicts a famous story from Egyptian mythology. Horus and his Uncle Set, after many years of fighting, come together in an epic battle, ultimately determining who will rule the gods. Both gods transform into hippos, diving into the Nile to fight. Horus defeats set becoming the new king of the gods, but his eye was damaged. The god Thoth, repairs his eye giving birth to a famous talisman, The Eye of Horus. 

22k yellow gold

Handmade in Hermosa Beach CA using Fairmined gold.