Explore ancient splendors, as Loren takes you across the globe and through history.


Loren began her career in archaeology, having received Bachelor of Arts degrees in Art History and Anthropology from the University of Vermont.  In the years after completing her degree, Loren worked as an archaeological lab technician at the American Museum of Natural History, on numerous digs in Central and South America, pursued grant funded field research of the ancient civilizations of northern Peru and served as a conservator for ancient and ethnographic textiles of the Americas, Oceana and Africa Collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Loren had the intention of continuing onto a PhD program in South American archaeology, but was quickly lured in by ancient metalsmithing.  What began as pursuit to better understand objects of the past, quickly developed into a passion that eclipsed her academic interests.

Guided by instinct, Loren declined her graduate school offers, packed up her belongings and headed west to California in 2015, where she now creates jewelry out of her southern California studio. Over the course of that following year, the idea for Loren Nicole was realized with the launch of her first collection in August 2016.

Her intention with Loren Nicole is to create pieces that do not replicate, but embody the spirit of antiquity. She strives to create jewelry that will easily weave into the wearers daily life. The softness of the 22k yellow gold alloy will take on the marks and unique characteristics of its wearer’s life. The collection is meant to evoke the wonders of the ancient world; honoring ancient goldsmiths, by using the same techniques that have been in place for centuries and working exclusively in high karat yellow gold to inject that feeling of warmth and brightness that is only accessible through this medium.