Granulation is a 4500-year-old technique rooted in Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean. Although most commonly associated with Etruscan and Ancient Greek jewelry, this technique spread across the ancient world. Archaeological discoveries in the 1800’s sparked a revival and study of ancient Etruscan jewelry in Italy. Although granulation was rediscovered, few goldsmiths continue to carry on the tradition of this ancient technique.

Granulation requires high karat yellow gold or fine silver precious metal. Small spheres, microgranules, and wires are arranged in patterns and fused to the surface of another metal form.







All of the chains available through LOREN NICOLE are handmade using ancient techniques.  The chains are made from high karat yellow gold or fine silver precious metals.  Wire is shaped into links, hand formed and woven together to create an elegant and unique chain that can be worn on its own, layered or with a pendant.


Rock crystal rough is cut to Loren’s design specification and sent to a small workshop of master artisans for carving. They translate her pen and ink illustrations into beautiful hand carved intaglios.

The illustrations highlight different artists across history; representing such works as, Albrecht Dürer’s Rhinoceros, the Scythian’s golden ibex and the familiar beetle carvings of Ancient Egypt. The unity of rock crystal and high karat yellow gold is reminiscent of Ancient Greek artifacts, while the carvings are meant to evoke the wonder of the age of discovery; focusing on obscure animals of distant and varied geographic regions. Each piece houses a memory of history and curiosity of the world that can be carried and shared by its owner.