Journey through time and across the globe, as we take you into the world of our ANCIENT ancestors.

Personal adornment is one of the oldest and most fundamental needs of man.
— Milada Vilinkava

our mission

: to capture the spirit of antiquity

Each fall, we begin with research and discovery, focusing on ancient civilizations. We seek to understand, through their histories, mythologies and technologies used in jewelry making and other craft making, what markers unified them as a group of people. The next stage is a process of trial and error, as we try to uncover how the artifacts were made. Only by discovering their jewelry making knowledge, are we able to tell their story. Each summer, the process culminates in a new collection, or chapter in our history book, in which we retell the story of an ancient civilization, using their jewelry making technologies paired with our modern interpretation.

Where it began

It all started with our permanent collection. Discover the beginning of LOREN NICOLE.



Journey through the nomadic history of the ancient Korean civilization of the same namesake.


NEBu: sands of gold

Discover the myths in this exploration of iconic moments across ancient Egypt’s vast history.