the old way





What does it meant to be handmade in our current era of technology and production lines? For us, it means to work slowly, without the use of electricity, without the aids of modern technology, using our hands to experience the metal. At LOREN NICOLE each piece begins as pure 24k yellow gold. The first step is to marry gold, silver and copper into our signature 22k yellow gold alloy, creating sheet and wire. From that point, the possibilities are limitless. The sheet can be raised into hollow forms and decorated with granulation or the wire can be shaped and transformed into chain or our shepherd’s hook. We take pride in the millennia steeped history of jewelry making at the core of LOREN NICOLE. It allows us to offer an experience of truly handmade, of legacy, in a time where this method for jewelry making and knowledge is disappearing.


The way in which we make jewelry at LOREN NICOLE is inherently sustainable, but we have taken extra efforts to ensure that we are doing our part for the planet. On such step, is deciding to exclusively work in Harmony Metals, meaning all of our gold is recycled and/or sourced conflict free. When purchasing one of our pieces, you can know that materials went towards supporting a fair wage, healthy working conditions and sustainable mining practices.


We have partnered with master lapidary artisans to bring you the finest quality cut gemstones. In choosing to work with small multi-generational family run companies, we are able to offer handcarved gemstones, demonstrating excellence in that medium. These partnerships have allowed us to develop custom cuts and realize ancient gemstone carving designs.

LN Chain 1 Detail copy.jpg

ARt of chain

Handmade chain is a passion for Loren. Our chains are the same that have been made for over 4000 years and are represented in the galleries of world renowned museums. It is a labor intensive process to individually make and weave thousands of links, but nothing compares to a handwoven chain once you have felt the weight and experienced the structure soften with wear.



We are honored to carry on this technique that is believed to have originated in Sumer 5000 years ago. It is a delicate dance of finding the perfect temperature + just the right amount of time = a bond. The difficulty of mastering this technique has caused it to become scarcely practiced today. When mastered, it becomes a beautiful element to subtly decorate the surface. Our challenge is to reimagine this ancient technique, to make its application relevant in today’s aesthetic.



Chasing and repousse is the most expressive and the newest technique we have been incorporating into our designs. It is a form of metalworking that has a long history throughout ancient times, but truly found a home in the Florentine region of Italy, where it is practiced by master artisans today. It involves working a sheet of metal from both sides, using a hammer and handmade tools to push forward or raise the design from behind and then shape and refine the details on the front or exterior surface.


HOllow forms

Our roman signet ring are a hollow form raised from a flat sheet of 22k yellow gold, fitted to perfectly house a one-of-a-kind gemstone. Once the general shape is roughed out, Loren uses her antique Roman hammer (pictured) to apply a rough natural finish, reminiscent of the patina of time. Though the same steps are followed, each ring is a unique project, all with their own challenges.

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